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Do you have qualified staff, but none of them has experience using a special research technique needed for your project? Or do you run an institution that needs to apply specific techniques over long periods, but your personnel have not been trained to apply these methods successfully?

We offer schooling and training in a number of state-of-the-art techniques that increasingly become standard methods in modern biological field research. With our training service we facilitate capacity building at your institution and make sure that, on the long term, your research can be carried out by your own personnel, without the need to consult external experts. We believe in "learning by doing". Whenever possible, we do our training in practical context and teach your staff within your research projects - in the field or while analyzing or downloading data with the computer.

We offer training of your staff and capacity building in a number of disciplines, among them:

-  terrestrial (conventional) radio tracking;
-  satellite tracking;
-  other methods for marking animals individually;
-  collecting meteorological data;
-  measuring biometrical data, bird ringing;
-  GIS applications (geographic information systems);
-  working in the field (navigation, communication, vehicle technique etc.);
-  solving all kinds of technical problems encountered during field research.


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