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You run extensive wildlife conservation or research projects, some of them being executed far off the location of your headquarter? You want to make sure, that these projects are being carried out efficiently, regarding economic as well as scientific aspects? But you don't have the staff needed to evaluate efficiency and productivity of your projects?

Our project evaluations and efficiency checks, which we offer for all countries and continents, enable you to decide if your project is run to your satisfaction. In your headquarter, we analyze all documents available about mission, goals, budget and personnel of the project. In a second step, at the research location, we assess, whether the project is making best possible use of financial ressources available and of manpower involved, and if it is run strictly along the goals and missions set by you and your organisation. Based on our findings, we develop, if necessary, suggestions for the improvement of your project management and project execution.

Of course we treat all our findings resulting from evaluation of your projects strictly confidential.


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