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Research expeditions, journeys into remote wilderness areas, film trips for the production of TV documentaries oder photography expeditions aiming at species that have not been documented before - such projects require an intensive and careful preparation, regarding technical aspects and organisation as well as contacts to administrative bodies and individuals in the countries to be visited.

Our expedition service offers support regarding preparation and execution of your expeditions. We have many years of experience from numerous expeditions and journeys to almost all continents. With our contacts to government institutions, administrative bodies and individual partners in many countries as well as our intensive knowledge of geography, customs and culture of many parts of the world we help you to make your expedition a success.


Our services:

-  Technical advise (vehicle equipment, communication, navigation etc..);
-  Planning of travel routes;
-  Minimizing risk factors;
-  Advise on health precaution (vaccinations, prophylaxis etc.);
-  Customs matters, visa matters;
-  Emergency assistance, technical support during the expedition;
-  Attendance at expedition in advisory function.

Our special service for private expeditions and journeys: You plan to do an adventurous journey as a private person, but you neither have the time nor the KnowHow for all the preparatory works? Then we are the partner you need: You tell us the places you want to visit, the schedule of your journey, your budget and prefered type of transport (vehicle) - and we do all the rest to make your journey a pleasant and unforgettable adventure. If wanted, we even accompany your journey to help with all difficulties that might occur on the way.


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