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Fitting satellite transmitter on juvenile White StorkExpedition in rain forest, Congo BasinRed-Crowned Crane, JapanFilm-trip, Central African Republic



Our services

We offer services regarding many disciplines in the field of wildlife, nature conservation and ecology:

Research and monitoring
Field research (ecology, animal migrations, behaviour, reintroduction), satellite tracking, GIS, protected area planning, monitoring of endangered species, environmental impact studies, and others;

Project management
Nature conservation, species conservation, project planning, management of research projects, training, capacity building, management of protected areas, ecotourism, project evaluations, preparation, organisation and management of conferences, workshops and similar events;

Documentation, education, public awareness (film, video, photo)
Film- and videoproductions for TV, for education/information centers and for the internet, photography, documentation in text, production and compilation of internet content, authoring and production of presentation-materials for talks etc..

Our strengths

We have extensive experience of working in many different countries and continents. Our project managers are highly qualified biologists and nature conservation experts. They have been trained to work under difficult conditions and in all climatic zones and ecosystems. Due to our international network of renowned specialists for a wide variety of disciplines we are able to use qualified personell for each of the services and jobs to be done.

We are capable of completing small contracts as well as longterm projects lasting up to several years. Our specific strength is based on the combination of deep biological knowledge and research experience with technical skills (e.g. telemetry, data collection, communication technologies) and experience of public awareness and environmental education, using film, video photo and text.