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Project management





    Project management





Project management

Our services regarding "project management" make sure that your wildlife- and nature conservation/research projects do run smoothly and to your full satisfaction and that your institutions do function correctly corresponding to its goals and missions.

Our project management services are either of an organizational nature or they are preparatory services which help you to carry out your projects successfully on the long term. Among others they include the planning and technical preparation of projects and events, the formation of qualified project teams, the management and evaluation of projects, the training of staff with the aim to enable local personell to carry out further work on their own, and the preparation and leading of expeditions worldwide.

Large projects run by our team in the past clearly showed that even highly ambitious and very complex projects can be carried out on relatively low budgets when they are managed professionelly. For instance, during a longterm international bird migration study that we managed for a Swiss NGO, all aspects of work were in our hands: we set up several research teams, we developped research techniques (satellite tracking, download and archiving/visualization of location data, communication among research teams in Europa and Africa), we prepared and carried out the expedition through entire West Africa, we conducted project related environmental education and public awareness (including internet diary of research activities), and we finally realized a detailled analysis of all data obtained during the project and compiled several research reports. The scientific goals were achieved in full extent and a very successful PR was realized, all of this without the need for further external personnel being involved.

Besides our biological and technical skills we have experience in managing institutions with many staff, also in non-European countries (Africa, Saudi Arabia). We are familiar with all administrative processes related to the management of such institutes and institutions, and we are experienced with working in different cultural environments.


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