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Events like conferences, workshops, meetings of workgroups or seminars, they all require significant time and effort for preparation, particularly if persons from different countries are expected to participate. In many cases the coordination of international working groups is only possible if one member of staff is assigned specifically for this task.

We have long term experience with the organisation, coordination and supervision of national or international conferences (with participants from up to 30 countries) as well as with the facilitation of workshops and coordination of international working groups.

Our conference service includes:

-  Writing and distribution of announcements and invitation letters;
-  Preparation of conference programs;
-  Pre-conference communication with speakers and lecturers;
-  Organisation of conference venue (location, premises);
-  Organisation of simultaneous interpreters;
-  Preparation of all technical means for presentations;
-  Organisation of travel arrangements for participants;
-  Organisation of accomodation and catering for participants;
-  Organisation of post conference excursions and leisure activities;
-  Editing and printing of conference documents;
-  Editing and publication of conference documentation and proceedings;

-  Coordination (including administration) of working groups;
-  Organisation and supervision of meetings of working groups;
-  Documentation of output and results of working groups.


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