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Film, photo, documentation

Documentation is an important instrument in nature conservation, research, public awareness and environmental education. Today documentation, particularly TV-wildlife documentaries, also plays a significant role in educational entertainment. Precise documentation of scientific findings as well as the production of texts, photos and films/videos with a more popular-science content have therefore been a substantial component of our work since many years. We are capable of realizing complete productions (e.g. TV-documentaries) as well as selected footage, e.g. about certain animal species or ecological problems, with all technical processes involved (regie, filming, sound-recording, editing, text-writing etc.).

Our Team has extensive experience over many years in the publication of documentations dealing with wildlife, nature, animals and conservation in:

Printed media;
Electronic media (TV, internet);
Presentations, lectures (e.g. PowerPoint);
Educational materials.

We have produced publications in many different countries and continents, often under extremely difficult environmental conditions and with considerable risk for our teams. Over several years we have coproduced and contributed to numerous films for the renowned German TV-series "Expeditions into the Animal Kingdom", among others in Croatia, Kenia, USA, Japan, Mongolia, Central African Republic and India. Much of the footage and many of the photographs taken during these film trips are now available in our archiv for the visualization of informations on wildlife, animal species or conservation activities.

We found project related websites to be valuable tools to increase acceptance of scientific research among the public. During research expeditions of several months duration in wide parts of western Africa (Morocco, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Algeria) we have managed a very successful webiste presenting the project to the public. For an online diary every evening photographs taken during the same day were edited and texts were compiled for the internet and were transmitted during the night per satellite phone to the web-server in Switzerland. By this way millions of visitors of our website were constantly kept informed about progress of the expedition in the Sahara desert and other remote regions and also learned a lot of conservation related information gathered during the project.


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