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The observation and surveillance of the longterm population development of species or of species communities, either in well defined areas or in the global range of a species, is among the most important instruments for the planning of conservation strategies. Particularly with regard to threatened species detailed data on population development are needed to assess the efficiency of conservation measures.

We have extensive experience regarding the coordination and realization of regional and global monitoring projects, often commissioned by NGOs. We do not only carry out the actual surveys and censuses but also take care of all organizational aspects of such projects, as there are planning and supervision of international networks of co-researchers and coordination of all participants regarding methodology, fundraising and analysis of data.

We are your competent partners for planning, organization, execution and analysis of monitoring projects. Our services also include the processing of the data, its integration into Geographic Information Systems (GIS), and the organization and facilitation of meetings of workgroups and of conferences for discussion and presentation of the results.


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     Protected area planning


     Environmental impact studies


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