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Today satellite tracking is one of the standard methods for research on long distance migrations of animals. Satellite tracking provides location data, which allow to identify migration routes of the animals.

We have many years of experience regarding the application of satellite telemetry. In our tracking projects we go one step further than most other researchers. We combine "traditional" methods of satellite tracking with additional techniques which enable us to collect data on ecology, behaviour and threats of the studied species along the migration routes. We have developed and optimized the workflows necessary for this approach. For instance we have been the first to use PTT receivers (goniometers) for locating satellite transmitters from the ground.


Our services for your projects

-  Selection of best suited transmitters (PTTs) and PTT-programming;
-  Development and testing of suitable PTT-harnesses;
-  Drawing up an optimum data management;
-  Capturing animals and fitting PTTs;
-  Download and processing of location data;
-  Preparation and coordination of research expeditions;
-  Selection of suitable navigation- and communication techniques;
-  Mobile download of location data and communication of data to teams;
-  Realtime linkage of location data with GIS applications during download;
-  Localization of animals with PTT-receivers for visual observation;
-  Analysis of data using GIS, remote-sensing data etc.;
-  Realtime reporting from tracking expeditions, e.g. for web life reporting.


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