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Biological field research requires a deep expert knowledge of natural sciences and a profound experience of using techniques suitable for exploring specific questions. In addition field researchers need patience, tenacity, capability of improvisation and the readyness to work and live in the open for long periods, often under infavourable environmental and climatic conditions.

Fishes, birds, mammals ....

We have been able to prove our competence in biological field research during numerous projects, which we developed and realized for our clients. We have carried out studies on ecology and behaviour of many species, preferably of birds (Bustards, Sandgrouse, Waldrapp Ibis, Storks and others), but also of fishes (in European streams and lakes as well as on endemic species in desert wadis) and of mammals (e.g. Bats, Arabian Oryx, predators). We have worked on threatened and highly endangered species as well as on so called "pest species" (e.g. bird species that appear in huge flocks and cause major damage in agricultural areas in the West African Sahel). Very often our projects required the development of new methods for data collection  and of techniques for trapping and individually marking animals. Terrestrial (conventional) telemetry is one of our key methods when studying local movements and habitat selection of wildlife.


Our solutions for your field research

We are capable to develop suitable procedures, workflows and techniques for your specific research requirements. We have the expertise and staff to carry out your projects or to train your own staff and supervise them during their field research as well as during data analysis and publication.


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Research expedition, MoroccoNavigation with GPSLocating satellite transmitters from groundPreparing hide for longterm observation of bustards, Southern FranceRaising bustard chicks for field studies, Portugal