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The internet is one of the major means for communicating scientific information among researchers as well as supplying general information to the public. In cooperation with our partners "Livingsigns" and "Photoaround" we offer our internet service to help you present your research results as well as other information to the widest possible audience. Our service includes the creation of content, i.e. the search for facts and informations about specific subjects that you want to deal with in your website. Our specialists also are capable of creating interactive multimedia content for your website, like QuickTime- oder Flash-films and -presentations.

Our Internet content service contains:

-  Processing of your research results or materials about your organisation    for presentation in the internet;
-  Investigation about specific subjects for presentation on your website;
-  Design and programming of websites including database integration;
-  Composing complex homepages which can be updated easily by your    staff (for instance for web-diaries or online-reporting);
-  Creation and integration of multimedia-content (slide shows, films, 3D    panorama photographs etc.).

Samples of multimedia content that we create for your website:

Photo- / slide shows (Java, QuickTime, Flash);

see above

Zoom images (maps, large photographs etc.),
to show details of maps and other images


Interactive 360°-panoramas (Java, QuickTime)
(QuickTime is required to view the sample)


Virtual tours of 360°-panoramas, maps and photos (Java needs to be enabled in your browser)


Processing of videos (films) fpr presentation in your website (QuickTime required to view sample)



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