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Today photography is an indispensable tool in public awareness and scientific documentation. We offer commissioned photography on specific subjects, species or conservation problems and for documentation of research projects and expeditions. We have thousands of images on wildlife, nature conservation and ecology in our photo library which can be made available for illustrating your publications (all photographs shown in this website have been taken from our own photo library). Please contact us if you need photographs on specific subjects.

Analog and digital

We photograph on both analog and digital professional cameras, using a wide range of lenses, from fisheye to ultra-long telelenses. Digital photography is always our choice when images are needed immediately, for instance for life reporting from expeditions.

Image editing and web-slideshows

We are capable of conducting the entire process of digital image editing and optimization. We compile photo presentations and web-slideshows which run automatically or can be controlled by the user. Our QTVR specialists are experienced in photography and programming of interactive panoramas and virtual tours, used for instance to present museums and other institutions.


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